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Do I have to take off all my clothes?

Yes. No matter how much you are wearing when you arrive or how much luggage you’re carrying with you, it is supposed to be a party in the nude. Therefore everyone is expected to undress completely, except of socks and shoes of course.

Why should I leave on socks and shoes?

It’s a question of convenience. Our venues are no spas. And shoes are good for stowing away smaller helpful items.

What are the procedures during such a party? How can I pay for the drinks I consume when there’s no pocket to have money on me?

Easy to answer: On arriving you pay the contribution at the entrance and receive a big plastic bag in turn which you take to the cloakroom. You pack all your belongings into this bag which is then knotted. Please leave it to the staff to knot the bag. A number is assigned to the bag written on a paper bracelet as well you’re supposed to carry on your wrist throughout the whole party. There is a tab at the bar and all the drinks you’re going to consume during the party will be chalked up on the tab according to the number on your bracelet.

After many joyful and exciting hours, by the time you want to leave us, just return to the cloakroom and show your bracelet. You’ll be handed the respective bag and can put your clothes back on. But please do not take off the bracelet yet.

Go to the checkout and pay for the drinks you consumed. Thereafter you get an exit stamp checked at the exit to ensure you settled the tab. Then the staff at the exit cuts bracelet off your wrist and you’re free to leave.

Will there be any seating?

Of course there will be comfy sofas, chairs, benches and recliners.

A question for men: What if I got a hard-on, wouldn’t that be awkward and embarrassing?

Certainly not. On the one hand you’ll probably not be the only one and on the other hand a healthy circulation is nothing to be ashamed of?